National Park Quilts

Susan Davis – Designer

Susan Davis, owner of Olde America Antiques and American Quilt Blocks, has designed a series of quilt blocks for the national parks and the National Park Service. These are the first and only quilt blocks designed specifically for the National Park Service. These original quilt blocks are new to the quilting hobby and are based on traditional “Star” quilt patterns. Each quilt block is unique with a distinct color combination, the name of the park, the year the park was established, and a coordinating border to enhance the overall design. The American Arts and Crafts movement, circa 1897 through the 1920s, was an important influence of the style of these designs.

Susan has a background in design and was a founding member of the Montana Historic Quilt Project in 1987. Susan and her husband, Jack, founded Olde America Antiques in 1988, with a focus on antique postcards and ephemera. This business morphed into American Quilt Blocks, a fine art printing company that specializes in printing on cloth, with an emphasis on national parks. Susan wanted to reproduce images on cloth for quilters for years, but the technology for 8-color printing on cloth was not developed until 2005. Susan and Jack were among the first to produce genuine 8-color giclee prints on cloth.

Susan and Jack no longer print on cloth. They discontinued this service in 2018 due to technical issues with their printers. They offer digital image files for customers to download for a flat fee and print on their personal printers. This new web site is iVintageImages. You are welcome to visit this web site and purchase image files for your personal use. There are more than 3,000 images and designs to choose from.