National Park Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: this site remains hosted for reference purposes only.
Olde America Antiques ceased producing fabric quilt blocks in 2018.
The quilt block images are available for download at:


01. Are your quilt blocks colorfast?

We recommend hand washing in cold water only with a pH-neutral detergent, such as Ivory. If the quilt blocks are washed in hot water in a washing machine there will be fading. Most of our quilt blocks are used for decorative purposes and do not require frequent washing.

02. Do I need to treat your printed block; is it an iron-on transfer?

No, you do not need to treat our quilt blocks. They are not iron-on transfers. We print directly onto soft cotton sateen (with a paper backing - see Care and Instructions) and the blocks are ready to sew out of the package. You do not have to wash or iron them, they are ready to sew.

03. Can I choose my own blocks to make up any of your sets?

Yes, you can choose any of the individual blocks to make custom sets. Just let us know which blocks you want to use to make into a set. We offer several different kinds of sets; set of 4 - 4x6 (wall hanging pattern), set of 2 - 5x8 (tote bag set), set of 3 - 5x8 (wall hanging set), and other sets. You can go to our Patterns link to see the different kinds of sets, and patterns, we offer. Let us know if you have any questions or need help putting your custom set together. We will be glad to assist you.

04. Can you print larger quilt blocks?

We offer quilt block sizes ranging from 3x5 to 12x18. Any of our quilt blocks can be printed in the different sizes. If you are interested in larger sizes contact us.

05. Can you print my personal photos as quilt blocks?

We will be glad to give you a quote on printing your personal photos as quilt blocks. The quote will include computer work required for your project. The price will depend on how much computer work we have to do and the number and sizes of the quilt blocks. Contact us and we can discuss the details.

06. Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes, you can call us and place your order over the phone. We will need to know a description of the quilt blocks you want to order and the size. We will be glad to help you however we can. We are in our shop Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:00 MST (Montana). Our phone number is 406-587-0937.

07. Do I have to use PayPal to pay for my order?

No, you can pay with a credit or debit card, or with a check (see 8 below). If you do not want to pay for your order on our web site you can call us and we will process your payment over the phone. Our web site and shopping cart are secure, but you are welcome to call us if you want us to process your payment manually.

08. Can I pay for my order with a check?

Yes, you are welcome to send us a check in the mail to pay for your order. Your order will be processed after receiving your check. You can mail your check to:

Olde America Antiques
512 S. 12th Ave.
Bozeman, MT


Care & Instructions

Instructions For Use

Peel paper backing from fabric block. Fabric blocks are ready to sew out of the package. They do not need to be washed prior to using.

Product Care

If the fabric blocks have to be washed we recommend hand washing in cold water with a neutral ph detergent (such as Ivory). Air dry. Iron on reverse side of image on low setting.